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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Dress-Up+Pizza? Yes please!  The team here at never misses an opportunity to get into costume and eat a whole lotta pizza!


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Everybody knows that professionals in the advertising industry know how to party…that’s why is sponsoring the VIP MIX & MINGLE event in conjunction with Ad: Tech New York! This event which is being hosted by Moss Networks promises to be the party of the week for industry professionals to mix and mingle. This party is by invitation only so make sure to stop by our booth 1324 and see if we have any passes with your name on it!


Measurement is important in many endeavors: when we run we want to know how far we went, when we work we want to know how well we are doing, when we take a test we want a grade. It’s no surprise to us that Google is rolling out a new tool for gauging success of display banner buys. According to AdWeek, this tool called Campaign Insights, will crunch data from thousands of users to figure out how many searches a campaign caused post-viewing as well as how many visits to the marketers website… Google Makes a ‘Banner Move’. Google believes that using this tool will allow them to show exactly how much traffic can be attributed to banner ads. Our question for Google is how is Campaign Insights accounting for click-fraud? Will they be measuring and reporting insubstantial clicks to their advertisers? We want to know if Campaign Insights is a true measure of success for advertisers. Be on the lookout for news from in the near future along these lines. In the meantime remember, when you cheat on a test to get a better grade, the grade doesn’t reflect what you’ve learned…just something to think about!4139ruler

2286197315_d06cab1778In our review of articles over the past week one that caught our eye is ClickZ’s Flavors of Search Retargeting: Google AdEx, Yahoo, and Beyond by Kevin Lee. He notes that searchers have incredible receptiveness to marketing messages during search sessions, and that the high level of receptivity continues sometimes days and weeks after the search. No quibbles there.

One popular use of retargeting or Remarketing is reconnecting with online shoppers who have abandoned shopping carts to remind them of the benefits of the site they’ve left and to perhaps sweeten the deal to increase conversion rates.  We understand that behavioral targeting is evolving before our eyes. In the not-too-distant future there will likely be better ways to measure intent of the user. Perhaps that can be understood from the pages they visit when they are on a given site, for example. This type of segmenting would give the advertiser a better insight to intent as well as provide a better experience for the user.

When it comes to Remarketing we’re big believers in the effectiveness in engagement—up to 400% increase across many of our clients. Click here to learn more about Remarketing, and as always we’re here to any answer questions you have about this powerful tool.

–The Advertise team

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We saw this article on second tier PPC search engines and couldn’t resist throwing in our 2 cents on the matter… Evaluating Second Tier PPC Search Engines. Money%20MouseWe completely agree with Marc Poirier that second tier is in the eye of the beholder. Using a PPC search engine rather than/in addition to the giants in the industry, allows advertisers to secure prime exposure – and excellent results – without competing against the crowd that is driven to pay sky-high prices. So what’s the catch? Poirier mentions click-fraud and quality traffic control as a major concern with tier 2 ad networks and advises to inquire about their click fraud detection capabilities. We suggest going beyond this inquiry and finding out whether or not the protection the network offers is proprietary. Having proprietary protection allows advertisers to add and remove traffic sources immediately based on real-time information. Many  third-party click-fraud solutions use only automated measures and others are too reactive, taking at least a week for results. We agree with Poirier that second tier networks are worth a try, and we also believe that with the right research advertisers can find a second tier ad network that will significantly increase their business!

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In the news this week it was hard to miss Google’s upgrade of AdSense for smartphones.  It’s good to see this broadening of the reach of search ads. We always knew mobile was an emerging platform, and as a leader in the space, Google is a natural to be making these steps. The upgrade means Google’s ads are now inserted, alongside search results, into the iPhone Maps application. Publishers can also show much larger ads on their mobile sites to visitors with smartphones. Although the screen sizes are larger, the ads will most likely take up a large amount  of space on the 2”x 3”-sized screen.

As mentioned in this SearchInsider article, mobile advertising may have its breakout year sooner rather than later as Google and MSN both report similar search experiences on mobile to that of the desktop. Obviously personal phone devices will become more ingrained in our lives to the point where it won’t only be a phone+camera but also wallet, computer, GPS, organizer and keys. With this kind of dependence, online ads will likely gain more exposure to the user than on the computer.

“Oh an yea, I know the image us a super old phone, but it gets the point across right?”

– Simon Chernin, Marketing Director

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clickfraud2We’ve been reading a lot of scary news about click fraud statistics recently. Sometimes we stop and wonder how true it all really is. Our concern at is that perhaps some of this hype is being driven by third party click fraud protection companies. Think of the pharmaceutical companies who fan the flames to concern the public about a particular illness and then  turn around and  sell them the remedy to that illness. The inconsistent statistics surrounding click fraud raise concerns that perhaps advertisers are being scared into purchasing third party click fraud protection. If you think about it, without a significant click fraud threat, these companies would be out of a job. Certainly click fraud exists and it is important to take precautions.  But we simply caution advertisers that when researching click fraud statistics, take them with a grain of salt. Here’s a recent article on click-fraud to check out Google Robbed By Botnet.