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Monthly Archives: December 2009

The holidays are almost here, and as you finish up your last minute holiday marketing it’s almost time to put down the keyboard, step away and take a break!  We are looking forward to spending some face time with family, loved ones and just taking some time for ourselves as we prepare for an epic 2010.

Before we go, we wanted to wish each and every one a VERY Happy Holiday season and prosperous New Year!

Be safe and be well!

-The Team!


Just off attending the Affiliate Convention in L.A. we wanted to share some of what we heard on the floor. It seems many search affiliates are feeling difficulties with Google advertising. Affiliates are finding more and more restrictions, not to mention the highly competitive pricing. Many are evaluating additional sources that are a bit more affordable. Bing and Yahoo are alternatives; however they don’t have enough traffic to target for affiliates. So many affiliates are moving over to media buying with contextual and traditional banner ads.  There are far fewer restrictions on ad messaging and the types of offers being promoted. Testing tends to be much easier too.

Affiliates, what are you doing differently heading into 2010?

–The Advertise team

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How many times a day do you receive an offer from a brand that is completely unimportant, irrelevant or just straight-up useless to you? Just yesterday, thousands of men across the nation received a banner advertisement announcing that J.Crew will be offering 20% off all of their skirts. Now if these men are fashion savvy enough to understand that their wives, girlfriends, sisters or daughters would be thrilled with this offer and pass on the info  to them, then that’s all well and good. However, it’s our guess that these ads are completely useless offer to someone who doesn’t see himself in a corduroy mini this season.

There is no denying that Behavioral, Geographic, Demographic and Interest Group Targeting have been taboo terms in the advertising industry lately. That’s why we are thrilled that the IAB has created the “Privacy Matters” campaign. This campaign was created to educate consumers on targeted ads and quell the fears of privacy groups that have misunderstood the methods behind ad targeting. The attention grabbing banners that will be launched in conjunction with the campaign state “Advertising is Creepy” until you scroll over the banner and read the message that advertisers don’t use “personally identifiable information” in deciding where to serve their ads. Clicking on the banners drives viewers to IAB’s “Privacy Matters” site, with FAQs about Internet privacy. We at want consumers to know that we support this campaign and its message. We can only hope with this educational campaign, behavioral targeting will receive the support it needs to end useless skirt offerings for good.

Look out Brad and Angelina, there’s a new hot couple on the scene! Yahoo and Facebook announced Wednesday that they are hooking up to allow their respective users to share activities and content with each other. Mark Walsh at MediaPost explained the partnership, “Facebook users will be able to share different types of content, such as Flickr photos or comments on news stories, with Facebook friends. At the same time Yahoo users will see friends’ Facebook activities in ‘Yahoo Updates,’ a tab found on key properties with the Web portal such as Yahoo sports, News and Finance.” We at completely understand and appreciate this relationship. Perhaps social advertising from Facebook will spill over into Yahoo and its RightMedia network, only time will tell.

Of course, we can’t help but relate the development to our own social search company Scour. It’s great to see the industry catching on to the importance of searching socially. We don’t want to say we toldya so…but we toldya so!

The results of our survey with SEMPO have certainly created a buzz in the industry and we are thrilled  that we were a part of unveiling the intriguing results. At such a crucial time of the year for marketers, we hope that the results of our survey will be helpful in formulating campaigns for the remainder of this year and 2010. If you happened to miss any of the coverage of our results be sure to go to these popular sites and read-up!


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The stats from Cyber Monday are in. The latest data reveals that online purchases are up 14% over last year. Yet it doesn’t necessarily mean that retail spending is back in high gear.

Now more than  ever retailers need to be out there pulling in buyers.  Tactics such as retargeting are more necessary than ever. In fact we just conducted a survey with SEMPO which revealed that online marketers believe retargeting (or remarketing) is not used nearly enough. Check out our Facebook page for all the details.

For those of you who would like to know more info about Remarketing, please visit our Remarketing page.

Happy shopping season!

-The Advertise team

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