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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Drumroll please! Starting today we offer fully managed local search marketing on the web’s large search engines.  Our new platform helps local businesses increase their ROI. How? By reaching the vast number of potential customers who don’t look in the phone book any more. Instead those customers are searching online and expect business search results to be within 15 miles of their location.

The local search marketing platform includes our Remarketing technology together with design services and complete call tracking with unique phone numbers to tell which ads are really working.

Want more details? Read the full release.

 –The team


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Greetings from Search Engine Strategies New York!

Things are off to a booming start! The amount of attendees has definitely grown since we were last at the show and we are eager to meet every one of them. This show also marks the debut of our brand new booth! Below are some sweet pics of our team doing what we do best! Enjoy!

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Now’s your chance to hear CEO Daniel Yomtobian!  His session, entitled “Remarketing: Why It’s the Most Underutilized Online Marketing Technology,” is Tuesday, March 23rd, at 3:30 pm.  Find it in the Americas Hall Theater.

Look for news from us tomorrow too!

-The team

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In a period of about 10 minutes of web surfing, how many advertisements would you say that you see….10, 15? A new ad for every new page you travel to? The point is, as Americans advertising has become a huge part of our online experience. While searching for a new pair of sneakers you might see an ad for an mp3 player that will make that afternoon jog a little easier. Now, you may not click-through to that mp3 player; most likely you’ll just continue searching for those perfect kicks. Fast forward a half hour, your new sneakers are on the way to your front door and you get to thinking about all the songs you would listen to while running in them. You head right back to the computer, find that mp3 player, and bang…you’re running to your favorite tunes in cool sneakers every day.

Obviously this is point of online advertising: to show you something you didn’t even know you needed until you saw it right there in front of you. But let’s discuss exactly what you see. In a recent study from comScore (reported by ClickZ) research showed that Europeans are 72 percent more likely to visit an advertiser’s site if they have previously been exposed to display ads, compared with 49 percent in the U.S. These stats got us thinking:  are advertisers not giving “the view” the credit it really deserves? We all know that Europeans are far less conservative than Americans (must we bring up the beaches?), so when you see a European ad, the brains behind its creation make sure you notice it. Are these “risky” ads making “the view” more impactful and therefore resulting in higher visit and search rates?

We may never know if it’s the ad content that brings Europeans back more often.  However what we can undoubtedly take from this study is the value of the view over the click through. As the report states, “display advertising, despite a lack of clicks, can have a significant positive impact on consumer behavior.” Think back to the sneaker search…we see display ads all the time and they may not always compel us to go to that particular site immediately. But just “viewing” that ad keeps that particular product top of mind when we do go back and search, in this case for an mp3 player.

Our point here is simple: we understand the value of click-through conversions. They are easy to measure and precise. However we encourage advertisers to think beyond the click and remember the power of the view…it may be the key to success!

The office is all abuzz this week with excitement for SES New York. Why are we especially excited for this show you ask? We get to watch our CEO, Daniel Yomtobian speak with esteemed marketing organization, SEMPO! It’s going to be a revealing presentation titled, “Remarketing: Why It’s the Most Underutilized Online Marketing Technology” that will discuss the findings of our recent joint survey of online marketing professionals. For those of you who haven’t gotten to see our video explaining remarketing, it is the process of identifying and tagging visitors to specific Web sites and landing pages and then creating follow-up advertising and messaging to remind those consumers who didn’t convert the first time about the original offers and opportunities. Dan’s presentation will be held in the Expo Hall Tuesday, March 23 at 3:30pm -3:50pm, you won’t want to miss it!

Of course we are always pumped up for SES shows so please make sure you come by the booth # 218 to meet our team. TEASER ALERT: We will be announcing some pretty exciting news at the show…but we can’t say just yet…you’ll have to stop by the booth to find out ; )

Did you know it takes 10+ visits to your website to build a habit?In the spirit of March Madness we’re doing something a little wild and crazy here to boost that a bit. This month we’re offering up a $5,000 match credit on a Remarketing campaign. We take all the risk and you pay only when an actual conversion occurs. You heard right: we’ll match your deposit up to $5,000 totaling $10,000 worth of users being brought back to convert.

It’s amazing what a little post-click advertising to visitors who’ve left your site will do. In fact Remarketing has  been proven to bring people back for conversions.

Want to learn more? Watch the video. Ready to get started?  Fill in the contact form and one of our marketing experts will contact you.

-The Advertise team

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It’s about time that Twitter announced its ad platform…and even though we all knew this announcement was coming, we are now left wondering how they plan to tackle the advertising beast. According to TechCrunch Twitter has been plotting their ad platform for a long time now, “Last November, COO Dick Costolo told us at our Realtime Crunchup that ads were coming. He promised the new ads ‘will be fascinating. Non-traditional.  And people will love it.’”


We have heard that these ads will be limited to 140 characters in true Twitter fashion which we love; it will push advertising creativity to a new level. Among our many questions, we want to know how Twitter will use semantics to match relevant ads to relevant followers. How many searches does Twitter actually get? Are we going to start receiving targeted “Twads” (yeah…we just made that up) in our Twitter feeds? How will keywords work? If I start Tweeting about car trouble will I get a “Twad” from a near-by mechanic?

All of these questions are still up in the air and we won’t know more until Twitter’s beta ad platform actually launches. One thing you can be sure of, will be blogging about it when it does launch…the good, the bad, and the “Twads.”