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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Remarketing…retargeting…behavioral targeting…all terms that you’ve probably heard. Recently they have become almost as popular as the Justin Bieber and more scandalous than Lindsay Lohan. In light of all the recent news surrounding this technology we felt compelled to debunk all the myths that have come up. So here are the Top 4 Remarketing Myths we’re here to clear up.

Myth 1: Remarketing invades consumers’  online privacy

When you first hear about Remarketing, it’s natural for some to think first about consumers’ privacy. How does an advertiser know someone visited their company’s website? Are advertisers taking personal information and selling it to other advertisers? Do others now have access to this personal information? The answers are 3 fold: 1. no, 1. nope and 3. absolutely not!  Advertisers utilizing Remarketing know when someone visits their site because they are able to anonymously “tag” them with a cookie, not unlike one you would receive from a shopping cart remembering your order or a website’s analytics code. Nothing about the visitor’s personal information is known except that they visited a particular website. This “tag” stays with the visitor when they leave the advertiser’s website and allows advertisers to serve a relevant ad later in the visitor’s internet surfing.

Myth 2: Billing on views is not an effective way to advertise

There has been a lot of controversy when it comes to attribution with Remarketing. Some advertisers are concerned that paying for “the view” rather than “the click” is not an effective way to increase ROI.  To bust this myth, we are turning to cold hard statistics. A recent study from comScore (reported by ClickZ)  showed that Americans are 49 percent more likely to visit an advertiser’s site if they have previously been exposed to display ads. As the report states, “display advertising, despite a lack of clicks, can have a significant positive impact on consumer behavior.” We see display ads all the time and they may not always compel us to go to that particular site immediately. But just “viewing” that ad keeps that particular product top of mind when we do go back and search.

Myth 3: Low Return on Investment

Advertisers face the pressure of ROI and have to ask themselves “what did that ad do for my business?” Often this question is posed with a short-term view. This desire for an instant result has given Remarketing a reputation for having a positive, yet low return on investment. The longer term view presents a more accurate picture in this case. When it comes to Remarketing the ROI is incremental, meaning the return is built over time. The advertiser is only targeting their past users, so it may take multiple views of an ad for it to resonate. Additionally, the ability to segment the users based on their interests is key.  A targeted message is often what captures the attention of a user and compels them to come back and convert.

Myth 4: Low Engagement: users aren’t interacting with the Remarketed ads

The last myth we keep hearing time and again is that engagement with Remarketing ads is low. We can only imagine this myth is a result of a misuse of the technology. When Remarketing is used correctly and users are segmented properly we have seen user engagement rise 300-400%! This brings us to our next teaser; advertisers should look for networks providing a Remarketing technology that targets users not only by the sites they’ve visited but by the products they researched…

All four of the myths above have contributed to the slower-than-expected adoption of Remarketing technology. We hope that education will increase Remarketing’s utilization in the industry.  At we have retained 98% of advertisers that tried Remarketing, making our advertisers a belieber believer.

-The team


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-The Team

  1. Congrats, Adam! He’s the winner of  our Apple iPad giveaway at the recent Ad:Tech San Francisco show. Adam, who’s from,  tells us he’s really excited about winning this (Wouldn’t you be?) Here’s a little more about our lucky winner dude:
  2. What is and what do you do for the company?
  3. Adam:  I am a manager of business development at Turn.   I manage both new and existing publisher and data partnerships for turn and our DSP clients.
    1. Adam: is a demand side platform that empowers the world’s largest advertising agencies and brands to efficiently reach custom audiences at scale, in real time with unmatched performance and transparency.  Who was the first person you told after you won and what was their reaction?

Adam: Actually posted it on Facebook embarrassingly enough then forwarded your email to my team.  They said that we have to share it. Have you ever won anything else?

Adam: I’ve actually been quite lucky in raffles throughout my life but this is by far the coolest thing I’ve ever one. What do you plan on using the iPad for?

Adam:  Going to use it to read, watch movies, and listen to music.  May surf the “world wide web” as well.

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Congratulations to lucky girl Kirsten who is the winner of our iPad giveaway from eTail West! While Yogi Kirsten is no stranger to winning, we had to get her reaction to the news… What is Gaiam and what do you do for the company?

Kirsten: Gaiam offers products, solutions and services to people who value eco-friendly living, natural health and personal growth. At you’ll find everything from award-winning yoga DVDs to green household cleaners, organic cotton clothing to integrative wellness therapies.

I’m managing editor for ecommerce, content, catalogs and PR. I love working for a company that mirrors my own values – the people here are truly inspiring. Who was the first person you told after you won and what was their reaction?

Kirsten: I texted my daughters when I found out I won. They were super excited. Have you ever won anything else?

Kirsten: I’ve never won anything as cool as an iPad before, but seem to have good luck. The first time I ever gambled, I won $400 on a $1 slot. I won nearly $3,000 on a single bet the only time I’ve been to a dog track. The night before the iPad drawing I won a sweet pair of Baby Phat sunglasses. When I emailed a friend to let him know I’d won an iPad, he replied, “Of course you did.” What do you plan on using the ipad for?

Kirsten: I plan to use the iPad for catching up on The Office and Project Runway, doing online yoga in my jammies (insert shameless plug for here), trying new recipes, reading People and other guilty pleasures, and editing and approving projects. And, quite possibly, to swat away my girls’ mitts from my iPad!