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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Are you heading to in Dallas? Have you heard a lot about what online marketing can do for your retail company but you don’t really have a grasp on it yet? Perfect! Come by the Booth # 1405 and chat with us! The team will be attending  the show in full force to explain to retailers how they can create the ultimate online marketing mix. Whether you’ve heard of our Remarketing platform or not, just stop by and we can show you how it works and give you tips to get visitors who’ve  left your site to come back and buy. Make the abandoned shopping cart an urban legend…we’ll see you there!


If you haven’t yet read about the new Comscore study,  “When Money Moves to Digital, Where Should It Go?,” we’ve got you covered. Just read on for the highlights you’ll want to have handy for those water cooler chats you know are in your future.

Researchers analyzed the effectiveness of 103 online display advertising campaigns from 39 advertisers covering seven industries.  They looked at six media placement strategies including Audience targeting, Contextual targeting, Efficiency pricing, Premium pricing, Retargeting, and Run-Of-Network ads.

The upshot? Remarketing far surpassed every other strategy for delivering impacts.  It provided a moderate level of reach, indicating that this is a must-do for every marketer.  Below is a plot of the effectiveness of each strategy by lift in search and site visitation overlaid with the relative reach of the strategy, as evidenced by the size of each bubble.

Overall the study reinforces the value of Remarketing by highlighing that it’s not the click that’s the driving force –it’s the view.

Here are some highlights:

–Searching using trademark terms demonstrates a clear interest in a brand and a desire to learn more about it. Retargeting generated the highest lift in trademark search behavior at 1,046%.

–Remarketing performs significantly better than the other placements. This is likely due to the fact that consumers being retargeted have already expressed an interest in the brand and are prequalified.

–In building the model of branding effectiveness, one strategy clearly outperformed the rest: retargeting. This strategy works well in every scenario and should be considered for both direct response and longer term branding objectives.

–RON in combination with ‘retargeting’ would drive both short- and long-term effects at scale.

comScore vice president of Advertising Effectiveness Anne Hunter noted that one of the key findings is just how effective Retargeting is at generating lift. “However, if marketers want to continue to enjoy the benefits of this highly effective strategy, they must also deploy it responsibly and in a manner with which consumers are comfortable.”  In fact that is just the stance we take (see “Remarketing’s Sensitive Side.”)

For even more of the nitty-gritty details on the study, check out MediaPostAdotas or many of the other search- and marketing-themed sites.

–The team

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In between running Daniel took some time to share some of his insights with ADOTAS, the email newsletter and web site  that reaches over 100,000 advertising professionals monthly, and MarketingVox, the news source for interactive marketers.

Dan’s thought piece featured in ADOTAS this week discusses the IAB “Privacy Matters” campaign and the effect he hopes it will have on awareness around Remarketing technology.

In the world of online advertising and ad networks in particular, practices such as retargeting or remarketing are immensely popular for their strong ROI. Remarketing is the process of tagging site visitors with a cookie to later follow-up with an advertising message to remind those consumers who didn’t convert the first time about the original offers as well as new opportunities and bring them back for conversion.-

 Be sure to check out Dan’s full piece, Forget Off-Target Ads, to get more of Dan’s thoughts on the campaign.

In addition to Dan’s byline reporter Erika Morphy reached out to get Dan’s thoughts on the cost-per-click price increase with the merger of Yahoo! and Bing. Erika’s article was featured on MarketingVox including a quote from Dan.

-As we have learned with Google Adwords, the more competition there is for the users attention, the higher the price, says Daniel Yomtobian, CEO of “This will be the same with the Bing-Yahoo relationship,” he predicts. “Once the alliance is complete, the Yahoo and Bing advertisers will be on the same platform and competing for the same attention from the newly expanded network of users.”


Independently, Yahoo and Bing have roughly 13% search market share each, combined that’s 26%, doubling the networks reach, Yomtobian notes. Combining Yahoo/Bing search inventory gives advertisers a reason to make the investment/effort in bidding on a search platform outside of Google that can deliver strong volume. Compared to Google’s 70%+ share, a likely increase of 78% of Bing’s bids will help advertisers reach more users, he says. “Even a 78% increase in bids will still land advertisers at a discount from their average CPC on Google. While the cost will rise high in the short run, the average CPC will come down over time.”-


For Erika’s article check out Reading Between the Lines of Bing-Yahoo’s CPC Rate Increase.

We like to consider ourselves leaders in the Remarketing space, especially since we have helped so many of our clients launch successful campaigns with the technology. To be true thought leaders however, we need to give advertisers advice on the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to Remarketing…

There are websites that should think seriously about proceeding with caution when implementing Remarketing campaigns. While these sites can still be successful, sensitivity is necessary. Admit it, sometimes you go to a site that you may not want others to know you’ve visited i.e. dieting websites, online dating websites, or even medical sites.  You wouldn’t want someone hopping on your computer to receive an ad asking them to come back for a deal on Viagra.

Advertisers need to keep in mind that the magic of remarketing is in the targeting and not necessarily within the message content. I for one would not want to receive an advertisement detailing my past with their product. The content used in a remarketed ad must be chosen careful so as not offend or deter a visitor from returning to your site. For example, when remarketing to previous customers instead of a banner messaging with “DietSpa! Come back and get 10% your next order” something more general and discreet like “DietSpa! 10% any Order” would resonate with me much better. We caution advertisers to keep this in mind throughout the strategy and implementation of the online marketing campaigns. Remarketing is an incredibly powerful tool– use it with sensitivity!

As an expert in search  it’s no surprise that reporters were looking for commentary from our CEO Daniel Yomtobian after the Google Instant announcement.  Daniel caught up with Erika Morphy of E-Commerce Times to share his thoughts on what Google Instant means for advertisers. Here’s what Daniel had to say to about the announcement…

Updating the search results in real-time will also result in more tangent browsing — that is, users stumbling upon results they may not have set out to find originally, explained Daniel Yomtobian, CEO of


“This would result in an overall increase of impressions and potentially ad clicks,” Yomtobian told the E-Commerce Times. “In terms of how this will affect online advertising, I believe it will generate more search and click volumes, making Google’s already overpriced bid landscape even more competitive.”

 To see Erika’s complete article check out  “Google Instant Stirs Advertisers’ Fear and Loathing”

Daniel also caught up with his friends over at Search Engine Watch. In his monthly column Daniel shares his insight on the power of the display ad view, check out his expert opinion in his piece “Display Advertising is Here to Stay”!