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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Wishing you the best ROI your eyes have seen,

Have a frightastically fun and safe Halloween!

-The Team


The team has some fun with some great costumes and a Halloween Pizza par-tay!


Last night was our social bowling night and man, was it a blast!  Food, drinks, gutterballs and laughs were a-plenty!  Let the pics below sweep you away and join us for a rousing night of friendly competition and company camaraderie!

Daniel Yomtobian gave Search Engine Watch’s readers some excellent tips with alternative ways for advertisers to utilize Remarketing. Many of our advertisers at have been utilizing our remarketing technology for some time now, so Daniel felt it was important to share some of the creative campaign ideas that have been deployed successfully.

Have you ever thought about using remarketing to announce news from your company? In this piece Dan explains how you can target recent visitors of your site with news and product announcements that are relevant to them.

The point of sending newsletters is to keep your customers in the loop with what’s going on at your company and to stimulate business. Depending on the audience, you might be informing them that you have a sale running or that you have new line of merchandise on your website.”

Daniel also tackles audience extension and how publishers and advertisers can take advantage of remarketing to attract advertising dollars.

“Audience extension is a powerful way for online publishers to utilize remarketing. The best way to explain what this does to your online marketing strategy is to give an example…”


To get all of Daniel’s thoughts be sure to check out the full article on Search Engine Watch.

Fresh off our trip to in Dallas the team invites you to take a peek at our Facebook gallery chock full of photos from the show floor. 

Here’s what our iPAD giveaway winner Phil Broadbent (pictured above, center) of had to say about his big win:

What is and what do you do for the company? is an online discount retailer, and I do merch planning and forecasting.

Who was the first person  you told after you won and what was their reaction? Co-workers. They were happy for me.

Have you ever won anything else?  No. I was due to win.

What do you plan on using the iPAD for?  Personal stuff. I’m considering using it also for work.

There you have it.  Haven’t won an iPAD yet?  You need to come to our shows more often! Next up is Ad:Tech New York in November. Stay tuned…

–The team