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Our CEO Daniel Yomtobian was invited to speak on the Intro to Remarketing Panel at SES San Francisco. Below is the excerpt from his presentation introducing Remarkeitng; What it is, How it works and its benefits. Enjoy!


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Being ingrained in the online marketing industry we like to think we’ve seen it all. It would be downright selfish not share some of the successful campaign ideas we’ve seen implemented by our advertisers. By now the ad industry is catching on to the power of Remarketing so we’d like to share some non-traditional approaches on getting the most out of Remarketing. These ideas may be slightly off the beaten path but they prove to be innovative ways to utilize the Remarketing technology.

Remarketing at its most basic level allows marketers to get in front of viewers who have already shown interest in a product or service by following them and showing ads for the product or service they initially eyed as they surf elsewhere on the Web.

Virtual Newsletters:

The point of sending a newsletter emails are to keep your customers in the loop with what’s going on at your company and stimulate more business. Depending on the audience, you might be informing them that you have a sale running or that you have new line of merchandise on your website.  But there are some limitations: 1. You need the users email 2. You can’t send the same email multiple times because that’s spamming.  But what if you could target your previous visitors with your newsletter in banners with updated info about your company?

Enter… Remarketing. Remarketing can be used sort of like a mini-newsletter providing your visitor with news and information about company news, product releases, or promotions, it’s up to you.  Here’s how it works: a customer visits your site and leaves.  July rolls around and your site has a new feature, product or sale. While the visitor is off in cyberspace they see your ads with your messaging along with the relevant details. You’ve just taken your newsletter online to your past users without a single email address…awesome right?

Audience extension:

Audience extension can be a very powerful way to utilize Remarketing. The best way to explain what this can do for your online marketing strategy is to give an example:

Let’s say you are a frequent blogger and have garnered enough viewers to sell ad space. Your blog, has thousands of viewers but doesn’t quite hit the desired viewership that one of your advertisers, is seeking.  What to do? Rather than leave advertising money on the table, think creatively with Remarketing. If has already tagged its visitors with the intent to follow up and encourage them to return, you can instead offer this ad inventory to  Practically speaking, this means that if a visitor comes to, leaves and heads to their favorite Sports or News website, he will be served  an ad from  In turn, the viewership of ads on your site is exponentially larger adding in the viewers on sites like

Phew! That was a mouthful!!

So you see, Remarketing can be used for many different online marketing campaigns. While in its traditional form Remarketing has proven to boost ad response up to 400%, these are just a couple of creative ways to get more of a good thing.

Happy Remarketing!

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When it comes to online marketing, whether you are a newbie or an oldie, we all know the importance of good ad text.  Your ad is the doorway to your site and you want to make sure that your door looks a appealing as possible while the user is thinking about which door to walk through. Our friends over at ROI Revolution have spelled out the most important principles powerful and effective ad text:

Keyword Relevancy: Think back to the searches you make, don’t you look for the keyword that you just typed in your ad? You always want to be sure that the searched term is included somewhere within the ad text to make it easy on the user.

Differentiation: The kid in the back of the group never gets picked first. Similarly, if your ad has no color or differentiation from the others, it won’t grab the users attention.  A lot of marketers write ads that look just like the competition…DON’T!.  Are you different than your compeition? Can you offer something different or at least say something different?  Give it a shot, you’ll be pleased with the results.

Call to action: Encourage the user to take action and if possible, give them a reason right there.  The word “”Free” is good, or try “Get Started in 2 Clicks”, “Click Here”. If you ever have any promotions, even for a limited time, be sure to include them in your ad!

Remember to always try at least 2 or more ads at any given time and get creative!!

Happy Texting!

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