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Fresh from Affiliate Summit  in Vegas we wanted to be sure you heard about the new Email Content Network we announced at the show. For advertisers looking to expand their audiences, it’s a great option for reaching people who have opted-in to emails on categories that interest them.

Thanks to San Fernando Valley Business Journal and for spreading the word!

–The team


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 As 2010 draws to a close, everyone at would like to thank all of our customers and partners for making the past year a very memorable one for us.  Thank you for your business and for your friendship! We look ahead to 2011 as a year with good things in store for all of us.

Have a very Happy New Year 2011!

–The team

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Time is closing in for online retailers as the number of holiday shopping days dwindles. It’s more important than ever to recapture shoppers who added items to a cart, then left without purchasing.

In fact it’s possible to succeed in bringing back shoppers and having them purchase.  Read the latest from our CEO Dan Yomtobian in his article Reconnect with Abandoned Shopping Carts appearing on ZDNet. Remarketing is a very effective approach. The proof is in the numbers!

Happy holidays and happy shopping!

–The team

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Happy November! There’s nothing better than a trip to the Big Apple in the fall. Ad:tech New York kicks off this week, November 3-4. It’s the largest gathering of digital marketers. You know you want to be there!

The crew will naturally be at the show so come by booth #1512 and say hi. We’ll have news to announce at the show too — watch this space for details.

–The staff

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If you haven’t yet read about the new Comscore study,  “When Money Moves to Digital, Where Should It Go?,” we’ve got you covered. Just read on for the highlights you’ll want to have handy for those water cooler chats you know are in your future.

Researchers analyzed the effectiveness of 103 online display advertising campaigns from 39 advertisers covering seven industries.  They looked at six media placement strategies including Audience targeting, Contextual targeting, Efficiency pricing, Premium pricing, Retargeting, and Run-Of-Network ads.

The upshot? Remarketing far surpassed every other strategy for delivering impacts.  It provided a moderate level of reach, indicating that this is a must-do for every marketer.  Below is a plot of the effectiveness of each strategy by lift in search and site visitation overlaid with the relative reach of the strategy, as evidenced by the size of each bubble.

Overall the study reinforces the value of Remarketing by highlighing that it’s not the click that’s the driving force –it’s the view.

Here are some highlights:

–Searching using trademark terms demonstrates a clear interest in a brand and a desire to learn more about it. Retargeting generated the highest lift in trademark search behavior at 1,046%.

–Remarketing performs significantly better than the other placements. This is likely due to the fact that consumers being retargeted have already expressed an interest in the brand and are prequalified.

–In building the model of branding effectiveness, one strategy clearly outperformed the rest: retargeting. This strategy works well in every scenario and should be considered for both direct response and longer term branding objectives.

–RON in combination with ‘retargeting’ would drive both short- and long-term effects at scale.

comScore vice president of Advertising Effectiveness Anne Hunter noted that one of the key findings is just how effective Retargeting is at generating lift. “However, if marketers want to continue to enjoy the benefits of this highly effective strategy, they must also deploy it responsibly and in a manner with which consumers are comfortable.”  In fact that is just the stance we take (see “Remarketing’s Sensitive Side.”)

For even more of the nitty-gritty details on the study, check out MediaPostAdotas or many of the other search- and marketing-themed sites.

–The team

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We’re still recovering from all the mayhem–in a good way!– that was Search Engine Strategies San Francisco. CEO Daniel Yomtobian presented an introduction to remarketing and joined in a panel discussion on the topic. Remarketing is a topic that’s near and dear to us and Daniel was honored to be invited to participate.

It was an especially fortuitous show for our iPad winner Conor Dixon (in pic at left along with team members). Video drawing:

We caught up with Conor about his win:

What is TrinityLevel Marketing and what do you do for the company? Trinity is my company I founded. We are a small ad agency that deals primarily with elective medical companies (plastic surgeons, medspas, lassie surgeons) but also work with many other small businesses. We specialize in persuasive messaging, and handle all traditional and online forms of media.

Who was the first person you told after you won and what was their reaction? I told my company partner here and they were pissed cause they were jealous!

Have you ever won anything else? Not this big. I won a golf club once and some other small crap I can’t remember like a hat or t-shirt from a beer company.

What do you plan on using the iPad for? Everything. I work in creative and I use all Mac stuff, and I travel a lot so pretty much I will use all of it’s capabilities. I’m emailing you on it right now!

Congrats, Conor! Check out some other pics from the show. Great show all around!

Till next time,

The team

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Search marketers, take note: if your gut told you that Bing was gaining market share, you were right. Bing’s market share of the U.S. search market is 10-12%. Should you think about spending more PPC dollars on Bing?

In MarketingVox’s “What I  Like about Bing”, CEO Daniel Yomtobian answers that question for you:  “Advertisers not currently buying SEM from Bing should consider moving a portion of their budgets. Bing’s increase in market share means additional exposure at a lower cost due to less advertiser saturation.”

Do you have other questions about Bing and your PPC strategy? Leave us a comment and we’ll respond.

–The team

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